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Just Hit INSANE $100,000 Jackpot While Making First KENO Video!

So I was making a few new videos for this channel and I was going through a strategy my friend and I made called the “Triple 3 Spike Pattern System”. Like I explained in the video we usually only hit 4 or 5 of our picks, but while recording a live play, we had our first 6-figure pay day.

The 9 numbers we hit today:
11, 22, 13, 71, 62, 73, 16, 7, 18

This is an EPIC start to this channel, something we won’t take for granted. Subscribe so you don’t miss our next video coming out.

If you want proof that this actually happened, check the website’s KENO results history, you’ll see the money!

Prosperity Odds Team.


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