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Probability Comparison: Gambling

From a coin flipping and landing at its side, to a royal flush, or even the Powerball or Euro Millions Jackpot, we compare the mathematical odds and probabilities of certain unlikely events happening. How likely are you to shuffle the exact card deck twice? How about getting a complete suit of 13 cards? Or guessing all 20 out of 20 numbers in Keno or getting a Bingo in like 4 numbers? Watch this animated and visual comparison of these mathematical impossible gaming events.

Note: Odds are rounded to 3 significant figures. Odds which are single digits with decimal places are rounded to the nearest whole number. Odds may vary for some items and events. Numbers presented here may have errors. This video is for entertainment and information only, any event resulting from this video is purely coincidental.

“Nightmare Machine” by Kevin Macload (incomptech.com)
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Images: Wikimedia Commons (CC0), Pixabay, Needpix.



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