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Small Ball Poker Strategy

Small Ball Poker means you’re playing a lot more pots and playing aggressively, but you’re using smaller bets. You’re using smaller bets for two reasons.

One, these bets don’t balloon the pot, which allows you to outplay your opponents more often. You are reducing variance and increasing the skill factor.

Two, by playing more pots and appearing to be very aggressive, you will get more calls when you have a hand.

This sounds like an incredible strategy, but there is one major flaw. The major flaw is that since you’re getting yourself into more pots, you’re increasing risk.

While you’re reducing variance by implementing this playing style, there is eventually going to come a hand where you’re out-kicked, you have the ass-end of a straight, you have a smaller flush.

I kind of play Small Ball but not exactly. I like to use small bets so I don’t balloon pots and can outplay my opponents. The difference is that you will play many more speculative hands with Small Ball.

I find it much more effective to stick to the SPATS poker range and focus on position most of the time while using pot control, which is a different thing.

I know we’re on the topic of Small Ball Poker, but this is an excellent time to point something out. I’m currently editing The Poker Player, which I have been writing for five years. As I read back through the chapters, I have found one common theme, and it’s a common theme I have found in my other books as well.

Almost every time I play a big hand outside of SPATS, it is my demise. I don’t know how much simpler I can make it, and I don’t know how many times I can write it, but I’ll keep trying.

If you want to win …

I mean actually win without caring about all the cool poker terminologies and ‘what you’re supposed to do,’ then I highly recommend applying SPATS.

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