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Is This Angleshooting Or Good Speech Play?? | Timmy Poker Hands

1:32 Hellmuth Nike Commercial
2:36 Hand Starts
3:31 Timmy Pre-Flop Breakdown
5:39 Possible Angleshoot
7:31 Another Possible + My Commentary
12:38 Pre-Flop Action
13:54 GTO Takeaways from the video. I don’t think Hellmuth is getting out of line very often in this spot. It was the second to last hand, he was up massive in the game, he sold action on YouStake for a game that is being live streamed, and we don’t really have a history of PH getting out of line 300-600 big blinds deep in a cash game. Assuming your opponent might be out of line because they showed up with air once and the nuts 100 times, you should probably be folding. Whether that is pre-flop, flop, turn, or in a big river spot.

My cousin Timmy joins me for the first episode of Timmy Poker Hands where we take a look at a hand between Jean Robert Bellande and Phil Hellmuth from PokerAfterDark on (promo code Joey if you sign up!) Phil makes a questionable shove pre-flop and JRB goes deep into the tank. What do you think about the speech play of JRB?? What do you think about PH shove pre-flop??

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