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How to Play Poker Like a Pro | Win Big Online & In Live Play – learn Poker

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How to Play Poker Like a Pro | Win Big Online & In Live Play – learn Poker

What you will learn in this course ?

In this short yet comprehensive course you will learn everything you need to know to play poker like a pro and win consistently when you sit down to play poker. Whether you are an Online Poker Player or a Live Poker Player you will gleam great benefit the lessons included in this poker training course.I designed this 4 Hour, 20 lesson course to be the shortcut to becoming a winning poker player by covering the essential elements of the game and the fundamentals of a winning poker strategy.Becoming a winning poker player doesn’t have to be complicated…As a young professional poker player I would constantly be asked “”Can You Teach me How to Play Poker?”” and so I created this program. When I started playing I learned a solid strategy from study so I knew it was doable.Being a perfectionist, I didn’t just want to teach people how to play poker, I wanted to teach them how to win at poker, and to start that winning journey as quickly as possible.This Course: How to Play Poker Like a Pro is the Result…

Topics covered include:-The Triple Threat: Position, Selection, Aggression-Why it Pays to be Aggressive in Poker-Why Position = Everything in Poker-Which Hands to Play and in which situations-The Different types of odds in poker, and when they matter-How to play preflop poker properly in No-Limit Hold’em-Money Management and keys for Building a Bankroll-How to Plan your Poker Hand for ideal outcomes postflop-How to Play the Flop in No Limit Hold’em-How to Play the turn in No Limit Hold’em-How to Player the River in No Limit Hold’em-How to Bluff in Poker effectively and who to target-The most common opponent types and how to adjust to them-How to find the best tables to play at & the most profitable seats-How to play vs FISH (loose passion players / calling stations)-How to play vs MICE (weak tight players)-How to play vs NITs (super tight players)-How to play vs TAGs (tight aggressive players)-How to play vs LAGs (loose aggressive players)

By the end of this course you will understand what makes a solid baseline strategy as well as how to adjust that strategy for the opponents that you are facing. Poker is more than just a card game played with people, it is a people game played with cards, and thus understanding the different personalities you’ll run into on the poker tables and how to counter their strategies is essential to success.By the end of this course you will also understand the importance of money management, the power of patience, and the importance of finding the best game & seat you can when playing your poker sessions. You can win at poker by having a great strategy and understanding of how to play hands, but if you want to win the maximum and have the highest hourly rate then putting yourself in the best position to obtain that win-rate is paramount for your success.That’s why I’m also including 4 Bonus Videos and 4 Bonus PDFs to help you get the most out of this Poker Training Course. My goal is to help you become the best poker player you can be and starting with the proper foundation is the fastest way to get there.BONUS #1 The Preflop Checklist (Video & PDF)BONUS #2 The Triple Threat Advanced Webinar (Video)BONUS #3 What Type of Poker Player are You? (Video)BONUS #4 What Type of Poker Should You Play? (Video)BONUS #5 Hand Ranking Charts, Poker Glossary, Poker Study Guide (PDF)I look forward to guiding you in your Poker Journey. I’ve been teaching poker for over 10 years and my goal is to reach and teach 100’000 Poker Players. Hopefully you’re one of them!

Let’s Get Stackin’-Evan Jarvis

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