How to Play Poker

Razz Poker – Tutorial for Beginners!

Dominic here again, and this time I’m gonna flip your world with Razz!

Razz is backward poker. The “worse” your hands are, the better you’ll do. It’s a super fun way to get you thinking about the game from the other direction.

Here’s what we cover:
1. Your Hole Cards
2. Third Street
3. Third Street, pt. 2
4. Fourth Street
5. Fifth Street
6. Sixth Street
7. Seventh Street
8. The Showdown

The Game:
Each player starts with two hole cards and one upcard. Then the dealer then gives each player three more upcards. Last, a final downcard. Each player that stays in for every round of betting ends up with seven cards: four face up and three face down.

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