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Small Mistakes, Big Lessons – Poker Vlog (VPV44)

Vodinh Poker Vlog #44 (aka. VPV44)

Fourty-fourth vlog capturing my poker journey. Back at 52 Social for 1/3 Match the Stack.


To sign up for Alec’s Academy 8-week course, use this link:

For questions on how to play online, start by
1. Downloading PokerBros in the App Store
2. Join club ID: 21839 & use referral ID: 1075794
3. Shoot me a message (if link doesn’t work copy into safari browser)
4. From there I’ll help you get set up and you can start playing poker online!

This video comes to you from the 52 Social Poker Club in Houston, TX. The game is 1/3 match the stack buy-in


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