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Stu Ungar is a man who is still considered by many professional poker players to be the best poker player ever.

We will tell you about how little Stu came to poker, remember interesting moments in the player’s biography, his high-profile victories and achievements. But, there are no big victories without disappointments. This video is about the life of the biggest poker legend in the world, Stu Ungar.

00:00 Biography of Stu Ungar
00:20 Draw of Pokerstars cash
00:37 Stu Ungar’s childhood
02:20 Stu Ungar’s first big wins
03:14 Stu Ungar’s talent
03:51 First appearance at the WSOP
04:50 Stu Unger is getting married
05:50 Disappointments in the life of Stu Ungar
06:36 Overdose and WSOP Final Table
07:14 Stu Ungar’s Legendary hand vs. Mansur Matlubi
08:06 Cocaine addiction
09:26 Death of Stu Ungar
09:49 Stu Ungar inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame
10:18 Interesting facts about Stu Ungar

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