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[GUIDE] How to Set Up Home Games Online on PokerStars

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Here’s how to set up home games online on PokerStars and play online with your friends or organize your own tournament series!

Setting up an online poker home game is super-simple. Follow Sarah’s instructions to set up a home game on PokerStars and share the links / codes with your friends.

In this video you learn how to:

1. Register a free account on PokerStars ( )
2. Create your own online poker club
3. Set up an online poker home game (cash game or tournament)
4. Invite your friends to play

Customize your PokerStars Home Games to play **exactly** the poker games you love!

Choose your favorite poker variants, the stakes, the structured, and the game type you prefer. And don’t forget to download our free poker course to get a TOTALLY unfair advantage over your friends.


Once your PokerStars Home Games are up and running, share your private Club ID in the comments to invite more players to join you at the tables!



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