Poker Winning Hands


Starting hand selection is of paramount priority in No-Limit Texas Holdem. A
remarkable feature of the game is that we all get the same cards over the long run, while the difference is that you decide which cards to enter the game with, when and against
whom to play them. In this video, we’ll examine the major factors when choosing starting hands. Let’s start with the basics in our video

00:00 12 major factors when choosing starting hands
00:31 Basics
00:57 Major factors
01:05 Your position
01:07 Situation
01:08 Where there any actions before you?
01:11 Who limped?
01:13 Who made a bet?
01:15 Did anyone re-raise?
01:18 What is the size of your stack
01:21 How strong is your hand
01:23 How many players are at the table
01:27 What are the stack sizes of your opponents
01:30 What types of players are at your table?
01:34 What are the hand ranges of players?
01:41 The number of hands to play
02:19 6 ways to get any pocket pair
03:00 4 ways to get suited cards
03:25 How many starting hands should you play?
04:16 Potential starting hands in no-linit texas holdem poker tournaments
06:26 Range determination
06:50 Range flexibility
07:12 Flexibility in hands choosing
07:55 Range advantage
08:19 Selecting your own range
10:03 Flip side
10:36 Monitoring of players
11:21 Conclusion

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