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The 12 Best POKER HUD Stats You Should Be Using (2021)

Here are the 12 best poker HUD stats that are used by most online poker pros these days.

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I have used the PokerTracker HUD for nearly 10 years now as an online poker pro. PokerTracker is also the #1 poker HUD used by online professional poker players.

Using a poker HUD has saved me tens of thousands of dollars at the poker tables over the years by giving me much better reads on my opponents at all times.

This is especially the case when I am multi-tabling and I often do not have time to keep track of all of my opponents.

By using the 12 poker HUD stats that I discuss in this video, you will be able to get far better reads on your opponents even while multi-tabling online poker games.

You can also use your PokerTracker database to find your leaks at the poker table and fix them. This has been one of the biggest keys to my success in online poker!

If you take online poker seriously, then I highly recommend at least trying out the free trial of PokerTracker.

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What poker HUD stats do you use when you play online poker? Are there any good ones that I missed in this video?

Let me know in the comments below.

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