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$50 to $1,000,000!! – BANKROLL CHALLENGE Day 1 Highlights @ GG Poker

I asked and you answered loud and clear. The bankroll challenge is accepted and we are shooting for the stars: $1,000,000! And to make it even better, I will be streaming it all LIVE over at: 🔥🔥 Be sure to check out the links below! 👇👇👇

Project Get Me Stackin:
Original Bankroll Challenge Playlist:

After hearing about how good the games were at GG Poker I had to hop on and see if the rumors were true. The zoom poker games at GGPoker not only have extremely loose action and weak players but they also have great bonuses like Splash Pots, Jackpot Hands, and all kinds of hilarious features like straddling and blind all ins.

In the 2020 edition of the bankroll challenge you will learn the strategy it takes to succeed at microstakes and small stakes poker to build a bankroll playing online poker. This poker strategy includes both theory on the math side of things and also just straight up poker players you can use.

The poker dream is still alive, and the tactics required to win at poker 2019 are the same tactics that will help you beat the games for the rest of your life. Inspired by Charlie Carrel’s bankroll challenge and remembering how much fun it was when I did my first bankroll challenge on partypoker I couldn’t resist. Playing poker on twitch is so much fun and there’s nothing I love more than getting stacking with my best friends.

So come join us for the 2020 edition of the online poker bankroll challenge and start off your poker journey the right way. Everything you need to succeed is available at and we’ll be adding more lessons all the time. With the fundamental knowledge from Project Get Me Stackin combined with the live execution and hand examples given to you in the Bankroll Challenge you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Poker Champion.

I look forward to seeing you on the live stream and hearing about the progress you’re making in your bankroll challenge! Let me know in the comments what’s been working and what you’re looking for help with and LET’S GET STACKIN!


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