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How to Beat Your Friends at Poker [Poker Tips for Beginners]

In this video, we are going to talk about the best tips to beat your friends and family in poker. These texas holdem poker tips can be applied to any home game with beginners.




Play fewer starting hands (PREFLOP)
The first tip that I would recommend to be your friends and family at poker is also one of the biggest mistakes that I see amateurs make, and professionals alike too. And that is to play fewer starting hands.

Raise preflop to apply more pressure
The second strategy to help you beat your friends and family of poker is to bring it in for a raise. I know home games are supposed to be friendly. It’s a family Potter friendly pot. That’s all great. But again, if you want to win money, it helps to raise preflop. So if you’re going to play a hand, be sure to raise two or three times the size of the big blind.

Profile Your Opponents

The third strategy to beat your friends and family poker is to profile your opponents. And this is the fun part. And this is where poker gets deep and multifaceted. There’s a lot of different levels to the game. But the concept here is to realize that people’s personalities are reflected in how they play poker. It’s important to think about like how they act as a person and their their strengths and their character flaws and realize that those things are amplified, they’re manifesting and are amplified in the poker table. You want to create a strategy for each unique player based on how you profile them as a person because how they are as a person is going to be reflected in how they play the game.

Look for Betting patterns
Strategy number four to beat your friends a family of poker is to look for betting patterns is a great way to approach poker in general, is you want to understand how people approach the game. So now that you’ve profiled your opponents, you want to understand who calls every bet with weak hands. This can allow you to value bet more often you can get more value from your strong hands, because you know that they probably don’t have anything good, you can perhaps bluff them more frequently.

Practice your pokerface
The fifth and final poker tip is maybe the most fun is to practice your poker face. ๐Ÿ™‚

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