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Why Does Online Poker Have So Many Bad Beats?

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Why do we get so many bad beats in online poker? Is online poker rigged?

These are some of the most common questions that I get asked about online poker, and I am going to explain why you get so many bad beats in this video.

The truth is that the online poker isn’t rigged against you. The biggest reason that it seems like you get too many bad beats is the speed of the action.

Online poker deals hands much faster than a live game, and therefore you are going to receive far more bad beats, which is often difficult to handle, especially for newer players.

You also need to understand that small stakes poker games attract a lot of bad recreational players who are just there to click buttons and have fun.

They don’t take the game seriously like you do and so they are going to chase every draw and call with bottom pair against you every time.

And therefore, mathematically they are going to get “lucky” against you sometimes. But if you use the solid tight and aggressive strategy that I outline in my free poker cheat sheet above, you will win big in the end.

But as always, I want to know what you guys think. Are you receiving too many bad beats in online poker? Do you think online poker is rigged?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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