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Chef AJ Live! | Q&A with Dr. Jen Howk and Dr. Doug Lisle

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Douglas J. Lisle, PhD, received his PhD in Psychology from the University of Virginia. He was appointed Lecturer in Psychology at Stanford University, and is the psychologist for The McDougall Wellness Program. He is the Director of Research for the TrueNorth Health Center, and lectures nationally on topics including evolutionary psychology, cognitive therapy, and lifestyle modification. He is in private practice. He is co-author of the groundbreaking book, The Pleasure Trap.

Dr. Jennifer Howk is an author, researcher, and interdisciplinary social scientist. She earned her PhD from Harvard University. Her graduate work and ongoing academic research explore questions at the intersection of social vulnerability, resilience, and well-being.

In her coaching work, Dr. Howk follows an approach that draws upon core insights from powerful research in evolutionary psychology, specifically the “Esteem Dynamics” framework pioneered by TrueNorth’s staff psychologist, Dr. Doug Lisle. Her clinical interests are wide-ranging, but she is especially interested in helping clients through problems of esteem processes, addiction and recovery, and mastering the pathways of human motivation.

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