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What to do When Live Throws You a Curveball | Interview with Cathleen Murakami

Ever feel blindsided by events that you have no control over?
Cathleen Murakami, creator of The Murakami Method and a life transformation specialist,
shares what has worked for her during the unprecedented year of 2020 and beyond. Not only will you feel better
and have a renewed outlook of trust in yourself and the Universe we all share, you will easily be able
to integrate these short 10 minute or less tips to transform your Inner World, so that your Outer World reflects back to you
positive possibility and a deeper sense of faith and courage. Your creative potential will again be stimulated
and the takeaways are easy and fun! This show will inspire you to dive a little deeper into your Self as Cathleen shares with you
The Murakami Method, 10 minute life transformation from the inside out.



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