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Live Poker vs. Online Poker: Differences and tips on how to approach the live scene

There are quite some differences between live poker and online Poker. Online, your hands are tracked automatically, and you run into the same situations more often. For example, one of the most common spots in online Poker is a battle between the Button and the Big Blind in a single raised Pot at 100bbs stack depth. In live Poker, this scenario happens way less often, because people tend to play looser on average, and there is no auto top-up. That’s why you will find yourself more often in multiway pots against various stack depths. So solver work (like Pio solver and MonkerSolver) becomes less important.
Another big difference between live poker and online poker is the fact that you are confronted with your opponents face to face. Therefore, you should avoid giving away any psychological live Poker tells, so you won’t get exploited.
What else you have to keep in mind when comparing Live Poker to Online Poker is covered in the video. So make sure to watch it till the end so you won’t miss out on the value those tips can give you!

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