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Is America Under Siege?? | S4Y VLOGCAST #27 | Solve For Why

This week Berkey and Chin cover the WSOP Main Event Championship, Polk vs DNegs and the addition of Lynne Ji to the commentary group. As well as an in depth look at the state of the nation after a siege upon the Capitol.

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Each week, high stakes poker pro Matt Berkey takes a deep dive into diverse poker topics with co-hosts Christian Soto. They discuss topics such as advanced poker strategy, hand histories, GTO vs exploitative and poker lifestyle. During these Vlogcasts, you’ll learn how to think about poker strategy, bankroll management, the poker mindset, and more. Additionally, we do our best to display the poker life through entertaining vlog footage.

Our mission at Solve for Why is to provide a unique learning experience which challenges conventional wisdom while providing a framework to think differently. We, as a team, want to provide high quality, revealing content to the poker community.

The Solve For Why Coaching Team consists of high stakes poker pro Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, Matt Hunt, and Jack Laskey. Together, they have created series such as the Solve For Why Vlogcast, Solve For Why Origins- which takes an in-depth look at the background of Solve For Why, Results May Vary- a WSOP vlog that followed the Solve For Why team during the 2018 World Series of Poker, and the S4Y Chronicles- which contains vlogs, poker trips, hand history reviews, and the high stakes poker lifestyle.

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