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Are You an Ethical Poker Player? − PokerSimple: Episode 17

Is it possible to be an ethical poker player? Can you be your best self at a poker table? It is okay to take the sucker’s money? If you see something wrong, should you say something? These are among the tough questions we ask and answer in this week’s episode.

1:26 – Can I be an ethical poker player?
5:37 – The Noble Warrior
8:48 – Tactical Pain Infliction
11:44 – Angles
13:37 – When should I speak up?

We expect this episode to generate some stories and strong feelings. Please share them below.


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Lee Jones is a poker writer, poker coach, and a passionate poker ambassador. Lee
Jones was the poker cardroom manager for PokerStars online poker cardroom
and Cake online poker cardroom. Jones has organized, hosted, and provided
television commentary for European Poker Tour EPT poker tournament events.

Lee Jones has written poker strategy articles for CardPlayer Magazine,
Bluff Magazine, and PokerNews Online Poker Magazine.

Lee Jones is also a poker author. He wrote the poker book “Winning Low-Limit

Lee Jones, along with Tommy Angelo, created the online poker video series: PokerSimple.

Lee Jones is known throughout the poker world for his goodwill and poker
teaching skills.


Tommy Angelo is a poker author and poker coach. He has written four poker
books: Elements of Poker, Painless Poker, Waiting for Straighters, and A
Rubber Band Story.

Angelo’s books are about poker strategy, poker tilt, poker tells, poker
bankroll, poker discipline, and poker meditation.

Tommy Angelo has produced poker strategy videos for two poker training
websites: and

Tommy Angelo, along with Lee Jones, created the poker video series: PokerSimple.

Tommy Angelo is respected for his writing skill and poker wisdom.



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