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How the Albanian Mafia took on the Italian Mafia (Gambinos) in the Bronx:

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In the 1990’s, a new group of criminals started making their presence known on the streets of New York City: the Albanian mafia. Soon, they earned a reputation that even scared the Italian mafias that had dominated the city for decades. Muscling in on Gambino and Lucchese rackets, they pulled guns on made men and people began referring to the Rudaj Organization, better known as The Corporation, as the 6th family. This is the story of how Albanian organized crime groups came to New York.

Underworld is a podcast about organized crime around the world, by reporters Danny Gold and Sean Williams. From Balkan warlords to Brooklyn wiseguys, we’ll expose the barely-visible networks that affect everyone’s lives. Bringing our experience hunting some of the world’s most dangerous people, we’ll show how gangs fought to the top of their food chains – and how some got cut down to size.

Episode 13 of the Underworld Podcast by Danny Gold and Sean Williams

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