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Poker Vlogette – Review of 1 Hand – What Would You Do? Mini Vlog of a 2/5 session at The Bellagio.

Jeff Stimson presents Poker Vlogette #1 – “What Would You Do?” – The Bellagio, Las Vegas. Welcome Back! This is a short video reviewing one hand from a 2/5 session. Not all sessions are full of action, but have some hands worth spotlighting, hence the introduction of the Vlogette! A mini vlog!

Please comment on the questions asked in the video of What Would You Do in this situation.

The Bellagio is 6 handed with Plexiglas. Masks are required, but that is a Nevada State mandate for all public places.

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Hello. I am Jeff Stimson. I live in Las Vegas and am excited to bring a poker vlog to you that aims to be entertaining, informative, and worth while to spend your time investing into watching it regularly. Currently playing $1/2, $1/3, and some $2/5 NL. May mix in the occasional tournament, time will tell. I have played varying games of poker for the good majority of my life. I love the game, game theory and strategies, and interacting with the poker community at the tables. Thanks for watching. Please click the like and subscribe buttons as it helps the channel tremendously. Hit the notification bell to be notified of new videos. Also I welcome any and all comments. See you at the tables!



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