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Poker Club Xbox Series X Gameplay 4K with Raytracing 1vs1 Tournament

Poker Club Xbox Series X Gameplay 4K with Raytracing 1vs1 Tournament

Platform: Xbox Series X
Game Title: Poker Club
Game Mode: Multiplayer 1vs1 Sit&Go Tournament

Poker Club is the first Poker Simulation with Raytracing and is available for the next gen consoles since November 19th. While this game is clearly a poker simulation and not for everyone, still I can imagine that many will enjoy this game. Besides Xbox Series X Poker Club is also available for PS5 and PC. All platforms support Raytracing. On Xbox Series X and PS5 Poker Club is capable of running in 4K native resolution and 60 FPS with Raytracing enabled! However, I was not able to find information about Cross-Platform Matchmaking support. I was only able to play against Xbox Live users, therefore I guess there is no Cross-Platform support right now. Poker Club enables the experience of immersive poker simulation on the consoles!

In this match, I’ve played a 1vs1 Sit&Go Tournament with 1000$ Buy-in.
As far as I know, this is a multiplayer only game!

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