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Cleopatra Keno Strategies

I know of no one who can honestly state that after a lifetime of gambling, that they are “ahead of the game.” I am far from ahead, but by using strategies that I have developed over the years playing IGT’s popular video keno game, Cleopatra Keno, I have made up sufficient ground on the losses I’ve incurred.
I randomly filmed a session of play in February 2017 at the amazing Barona Casino in the eastern foothills of San Diego County. Unplanned, and obviously un scripted, I just took out my cell phone, and began to film.
For awhile now, I have been boasting about how I can easily double my money playing said game. That I could “read” the machines ability to be more likely to pay out, or take in at any given moment. This video exposes my strategies, and the application of them while playing my favorite video game. No edits, or cutting of the video. I actually just got back less than one hour ago from playing the session you are watching.
When an unlucky stranger who was playing (and losing) right next to me saw me raking it in, she asked me for direction on how to play her last $4.75 ticket she just cashed out. As I claim to everybody, I told her I could help her double it. Within a few minutes, she doubled the amount of that ticket, playing it on the same machine that was nothing but bad luck to her just moments ago, by following my directions and strategies that have proven to be a winning combination against any denomination of Cleopatra Keno.
Sorry I go kinda fast, but it only works if you “keep the machine on its toes”. Yeah, so I drank a bit before playing, so shoot me! My strategy works over 80% of the time, and ONLY is effective when played aggressively. Please comment, and if there is enough interest, I will make a planned video.



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