Texas Holdem

Let's Play – Full House Poker (Xbox LIVE) Part 1

Round up the fish and throw ’em in the river! It’s time to play Texas Hold ‘Em online!

Join magmawk as he goes a few rounds on the net with the guppies and sharks in this popular (?) card game. Am I just bluffing or do I have what it takes to be the captain? Or am I just mucking around?

Full House Poker is a mostly true to the rules version of Texas Hold ‘Em. For 800 MS points you get access to single player, Pro Takedowns, Multiplayer Online and Texas Heat (A live mass online event with bonuses). All chips are virtual money and levels gained with XP can be used for chip tricks, outfits, and poker room decor. The online modes are still glitchy as is the newness of this game.

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