Poker Winning Hands

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Poker Night! 1 Hour of Poker in Valentine in 4k [No Commentary]

This is Red Dead 2’s very best (imo) mini game for 1 full hour in both 3rd Person and 1st Person. First night is playing it smart, 2nd night is playing recklessly. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Arthur playing some Poker.

Poker Night(s) Timeline:
0:00 Intro

40:25 First Person/Third Person night begins

41:28 First Person 42:57 3rd Person

44:40 First Person 46:30 3rd Person

48:11 First Person 49:57 3rd Person

51:44 First Person 53:25 3rd Person

55:38 First Person 57:32 3rd Person

59:16 First Person 1:00:09 3rd Person

1:02:04 First Person 1:03:35 3rd Person

1:04:54 First Person 1:06:18 3rd Person (The last hand)



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