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New NEOTOKYO Playing Cards From Kardeck And More On KICKSTARTER!

Today we are looking at KICKSTARTER campaigns for new playing cards that have launched in the past week, and those that have funded. This week we had a lot of new decks, some with some really good potential, and though a lot of the price points were high! Check out the latest kickstarter playing cards on this episode for Deckin’ Around Kickstarter Edition!

New playing cards this week:
Stairways Playing Cards: Cotton Candy Blast by Jesie Newsome:
Tricycle Cards by Zach McElhoes:
Resurrected V2 By Abraxas Playing Cards (Nathan Lindley):
Blades 10th Anniversary – SILVER METALLUXE™ EDITION by De’vo (Handlordz LLC):
Mysteries & Secrets. Playing cards, marked for Magic by Matthew And Michael:
Lucky 13 Playing Cards by Jesse Feinberg:
«The King of Poker»: custom-designed poker playing cards by DaVinvi Art World:
Cocktail Cards: 52 Classic Cocktail Recipe Deck by Rob Halifax:
DIAMONDBACK Playing Cards by Rattle Shuttle:
Jerry Can Playing Cards by Jared Hansen:
NEOTOKYO Playing Cards ! Cyberpunk and Japan in one Deck by Kardeck:
Nature of Life Deck by Fab Lab Innovation:
Broken Crowns Playing Cards by Fallis Design:
Cordell Cordaro Playing Cards: RED & BLACK Editions by Cordell Cordaro:

Playing cards funded this week:
Leaves Playing Cards – Autumn Edition by Daimon Playing Cards:
tny – micro playing cards by ElkLab:
Krib Playing Cards Dalia Edition by KB Projects:
Adventures in Oz: MetalLuxe Collector Poker Cards Deck by Double Critical:
SINS Reborn Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries:
“COMPOSERS” Playing Cards- Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin 4 of 7 by SixtyFourPlayingCards:
ROME Playing Cards by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards):

Campaigns ending this week:
Cyber Crisis Playing Card by UniqueZip:
Patriotic Poker-Sized Playing Cards by Hidden Treasure Publishing, LLC:
Entwined – Vol.1: Summer | Playing Cards Deck by Old Gravity:
Bicycle Distilled: Top Shelf Custom Playing Cards by The Well Suited Playing Card Company:
ODC playing cards by Joe (Oddysee):
Naughty Faeries Steampunk Playing Cards by Comic Art Groupie – Wendy Steen Shaner:
The Money Deck – A Playful Guide to Personal Finance by Ben Barrett-Forrest:
EvenQuads by AWM:
Arrow & Shield Playing Cards by Card Mafia:
CHAO – Imperial Yellow Ed Playing Cards, a Historical Deck by Make Playing Cards – MPC:
Blades 10th Anniversary – SILVER METALLUXE™ EDITION by De’vo (Handlordz LLC):
LPCC – Japanese Scrolls Playing Cards by Emmanuel Valtierra:
SLOTS Playing Cards by Mike Wilson – Thedoc318:
Adventure Playing Cards by ParaMythGames:

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