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Real Poker Documentary: HD Full Feature Length Version

Real Poker: A Documentary About Real People Who Play Poker For a Living: HD High Definition Video Full Length Version.


Produced by Ivan Katz about 10 people (including professionals Chris Moneymaker and Phil Gordon) who make their living playing the fascinating game of poker.

Real Poker examines the lives of 10 people from all walks of life, and from many different casino towns across America and beyond. This is part one of a full length hour long documentary.

Check out Ivan’s documentary on Reality TV featuring Sam from Donald Trump’s Apprentice Reality TV Show:

10:36 Real Poker: On Marriage and Relationships
17:08 Real Poker: Internet Poker vs Live Games
26:20 Real Poker: Female Poker Players
30:45 Real Poker: Players From Around The US & The World
37:57 Real Poker: Superstition, Luck & Poker
43:58 Real Poker: More Real Poker Players Talking About What’s It’s like to Really Play For a Living.

Check Out Ivan’s Documentary on Reality TV Featuring Sam From Donald Trump’s Apprentice As He Watches Himself on TV For The First Time With His Friends and Family. It’s Real People’s Views and Opinions About Reality TV, and Why They Watch It.

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