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Red Dead Redemption – High Roller Trophy – Poker – Texas Hold'em

Red Dead Redemption RDR How To High Roller Poker
Gameplay in HD

This is me getting my High Roller Trophy playing Texas Hold’em Poker.

Make sure four people are at the table shown, so as to have a total of 2,500 chips between the 5 of you.

Then eliminate 3 people.

Once you and one person are left, lose or catch up until you and the last person each have over 1,000 chips.

As you see, I had to lose chips on purpose before I could attempt the trophy. While I was losing, I picked up an Ace cheating and just held onto it.

Then I waited for both of us to have a hand, notice he starts betting first. I went all in, he followed me, game over.

Filmed with a Hauppauge HD PVR 1212, edited with Sony Vegas 9.0c




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