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Sick Poker Moments: Galfond Challenge final hand vs Venividi

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Hi, I’m Joseph and this is Gloomshot: Poker, a highly advanced curation bot that compiles the best moments of the best Poker streams.

Every day, Gloomshot: Poker:
– Searches the web for the best stream highlights,
– Edits these highlight clips into a daily “best of” video,
– Promotes the original creators and their streams here in the video desc,
– And puts together these highlight vids into short playlists for max Poker viewing entertainment!

This process is done automatically, but I make updates to Gloomshot’s curation algorithm every day. Help me progress it by leaving a comment about what streams you liked / didn’t like.

NOTE: If you are a Poker content creator and don’t want your videos to be promoted on Gloomshot, just send me a message (email (joseph[at]gloomshot[dot]com) is fastest) and I’ll update the algorithm to never scan your stream.


Gloomshot: Poker is a highlight curator bot, NOT a highlight creation bot — none of these Poker clips are mine.

Content creators are the lifeblood of the Poker community, so if this video introduced you to a stream you like, make sure to support them by viewing their channel and SUBSCRIBING so you can see the action live at the source.

Source streams for today’s compilation video:

[00:00] Poker Highlight #1: “Galfond Challenge final hand vs Venividi” clipped by glelias12
Support runitoncepoker here:

[00:55] Poker Highlight #2: “K3 Call? 530 Powerfest” clipped by bradsappetite
Support bigbluffzinc here:

[01:24] Poker Highlight #3: “Payjump Slowroll” clipped by boristheshmelkin
Support loncarpoker here:

[01:44] Poker Highlight #4: “looooool” clipped by veloce
Support andymilonakis here:

[02:24] Poker Highlight #5: clipped by gxmbit__
Support andymilonakis here:

[02:53] Poker Highlight #6: “wow” clipped by veloce
Support andymilonakis here:

[03:32] Poker Highlight #7: “chant for phil” clipped by snapyouoff
Support runitoncepoker here:

[03:57] Poker Highlight #8: “BigBluffzInc Wins, 1st Place For $44,785, $1050 PKO Fast Powerfest Final Table” clipped by ghost_of_m
Support bigbluffzinc here:

[04:55] Poker Highlight #9: clipped by trobb22
Support buehlero here:

[05:24] Poker Highlight #10: “чего вчера перебрал Миша?” clipped by greckii86
Support innerpsycho here:

[05:44] Poker Highlight #11: “The funniest thing Joe Stapes has ever said” clipped by jokotaka
Support runitoncepoker here:

[06:27] Poker Highlight #12: “$3000 Pot” clipped by dortmund3rjung
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This week’s best clip comes from runitoncepoker.
Visit their channel here:
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Outro music: Blips N Chips by Chris Thurman:


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