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Free poker tells video: Long Looks At Hole Cards

This is a sample video from the Reading Poker Tells Video series, available for purchase at This series was created by Zachary Elwood, the author of Reading Poker Tells and Verbal Poker Tells. You can purchase Lifetime Membership to this series. (If you have seen my Youtube videos, these are completely different videos, using footage primarily from Chicago area cash games and tournaments.)

This video looks at long looks at hole cards, especially early in a hand and in multi-way pots. Long looks at hole cards will make weak hands more likely.

Review for Reading Poker Tells Video Series:
“I bought these recently as part of my prep for WSOP and I think they’re absolutely brilliant.”
– Dara O’Kearney, pro poker player

“Brilliant, incisive, and incredibly accurate explanations of the clues that proliferate on the tables. The material is priceless.”
– Mike Lynch, amateur poker player, U.K.

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