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Video Poker Master Class Full Pay Deuces Wild Tutorial Volume 3

Note: A complete Full Pay Deuces Wild video poker strategy is pinned to the top of the “comments” section below. In this and future video tutorials, I will “teach through play.” The hands I play will be entirely random and not “set up” in any way. Win or lose, you will see every hand I happen to get dealt. Nothing will be edited out; no cheating!

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It is a fact; it is inevitable: most forms of casino gambling are designed to take your money, and eventually, the “house” is destined to separate you from your hard-earned cash. However, a handful of expert Video Poker players know how to stack the odds in their favor and actually give themselves a small advantage over the “house.” Yes… certain forms of Video Poker are beatable over the long-term. If you give yourself enough time to overcome short term variance, diligently follow my advice, and employ proper strategies, I can practically GUARANTEE that you will become a long-term winner.

One way to “beat the house” is to keep your eyes open for hard-to-find, higher than normal progressive jackpots. Usually, a progressive Video Poker jackpot will reset at $1,000 after it gets hit, but if a machine goes long enough without delivering a Royal Flush, sometimes the jackpot can get high enough to make a machine temporarily over a 100% ER (expected return)… and in rare cases… A LOT over 100% ER. These will likely be discussed further in future videos. But the problem with chasing these jackpots should be obvious: you never know where they might be, they are hard to find, and you can waste a lot of time looking for them. Even if you happen to know about a large jackpot… it might just get hit before you get there or shortly thereafter.

Fortunately, there are a few “flat pay” (no progressive jackpot) variants of Video Poker that have over a 100% ER. The best variant that is still relatively easy to find is the topic of our discussion and the focus of this video series: Full Pay Deuces Wild (FPDW). FPDW has an ER of approximately 100.7% using an “expert” strategy. Unfortunately, you are very unlikely to find FPDW in a denomination any higher than $1.25 per “pull” (5 credits @ 25 cents per credit = $1.25 per play). At a reasonably fast pace of 800 hands per hour, you’re looking at averaging about 7 bucks per hour in the long run. Enough to make you rich? Certainly not… but it’s a far cry better than losing… and if you like to play anyway… why not play with an advantage? Plus… if you add in all the points and comps that you can get with a casino’s club card…. it can all add up to a nice little chunk of change. Despite what some so-called “experts” say… ALWAYS play with a casino club card if one is available. You’re just giving away “free money” if you don’t! Additionally, some casinos send out special monthly mailers with free goodies for their frequent slot players. A lot of casino mailers are not just “junk mail;” keep your eyes open for free goodies and/or good video poker promotions that are offered by the casinos!

This is what you are looking for; the pay schedule (in coins) on a standard 5-coin max FPDW Video Poker machine is as follows:


4 DEUCES: 1000



4 OF A KIND: 25




3 OF A KIND: 5

If your machine has different max coins, just make certain that the ratios are the same. For example, on a 10-coin machine, the payouts should be exactly double.



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