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The 10 BIGGEST Casino Scams EVER!!

The 10 BIGGEST Casino Scams EVER!! From card counting getting caught to stealing millions and getting away…stay tuned to number 1 to hear about the most insane casino heists ever performed!

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Number 10: The Roselli Brothers.
The advent of the Internet enabled some of the greatest things to ever exist, but it also made possible numerous scams and all kinds of thefts. One of such is the infamous Roselli Scam.
In the time frame from 1995 to 2000, two online scam artists pulled off something insane. They called themselves the “Roselli Brothers” and, during those five years, they operated in casinos from Nevada, Puerto Rico and New Jersey. And they stole $37 million dollars from them.
The Roselli brothers hired someone who was great with computer hacker and managed to obtain credit information for people with really good credit scores and, within just a couple of months, the Roselli Brothers were able to get credit lines from major casinos, and up the stakes. What happened next is like something from the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise: by the year 2000, they were playing 100k-bets per hand. After cleaning the casinos out, the Rosellis disappeared. No one could find any trace that would lead to them. The FBI needed additional six month to realize what had happened – nobody had even known that the heist had even occurred! And needless to say, the name Roselli Brothers was just a backdrop, as the real Rosellis had died years ago. To this day, no one knows who the casino scammers were.
Number 9: The Cigarette Scam.
The previous entry was like something out of Ocean’s 11, but this one – this is straight James Bond material right here. And it involved a pack of cigarette – how fitting.
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In 1973, at the Casino Deauville in France, a roulette scam took place, and it made the list of the smartest casino scams ever. The set-up is as follows: one of the casino’s dealers was also in charge of the radio signaling. He had come up with a radio transmitter that was a perfect fit for a pack of smokes. But that was just one piece of the puzzle; there was also a receiver, a weightless one, which the dealer had placed inside a roulette ball. Of course, it was the roulette ball from the table he was working at.
The dealer’s brother-in-law played as an unknown casino visitor, and he placed bets at the table. The third member of the gang, the dealer’s sister, used the pack of cigarettes and pressed the transmitter button. Every time the button was pressed, the roulette ball would slide off from its spin and fall into a group of only six numbers that were possible per combination. The roulette ball was 90% accurate, and the team managed to rake in over $5 million in one week. They were eventually caught, not because their scam fell through, but because the dealer’s sister was so good-looking that she caught the attention of the casino staff. After realizing he was always at the table, they became suspicious… But the cigarette scam is still one of the biggest ever.
Number 8: The Contact Lens Scam.
Technology can really help you go a long way – especially if you’re creative.
This scam took place in 2011, when a Frenchman, backed by three Italians, stole little over $80,000 from a casino in Cannes, using a really smart method. The game they played was stud poker; what the Frenchman would do is mark the card decks with special ink the normal eye cannot detect – and then the three Italians wore special kinds of contact lenses. These lenses could notice the marking made on the card decks.
When two substantial winnings took place in the same casino, the staff members became very alert. Right away, they called the police. But once the police came, it took them quite some time to figure what had happened. It was pretty clear, right from the start, that invisible ink was involved, but the police couldn’t prove how the scammers were able to see the ink. After an in-depth investigation, they saw that each of the scammers had those contact lenses. In the end, the scammers all faced long jail sentences, but this has got to be one of the most creative casino scams ever.
Number 7: The Edge Sorting Scam.
Before we get into it, let’s first make sure you know what “edge sorting” really is. It’s a method of memorizing cards in a deck, and using them for running all kinds of shady plans. In order to do this, you have to be good with the cards; I mean, you have to have your “way” with them.



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