Texas Holdem

Poker Vlog Ep. 25: Optimist – $5/$5 cash game w/ Wes Cutshall

Sometimes you can be too optimistic in poker. Calling too often. Betting to much. Getting it all in with two unders to your opponents pair. These are the things an optimistic poker player goes through. Check out this $5/$5 cash game poker session played at Texas Card House in Houston, TX. The game is Texas Hold’Em and everything is no limit. Even no limit on the optimism.

I’m an amateur poker player who plays in some of the craziest Texas Hold’Em cash games in Houston, TX and I record these sessions for my poker vlog. Big bluffs, big pots, and big suckouts have made these videos popular.

My goal is to make entertaining poker videos. I am not trying to teach poker or suggest anyone play the way I do. Although you might pick up a few things watching my vlog mostly you’ll find yourself laughing at my misfortune and cheering me on when I win.

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