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How to win $100 in 2 seconds! Best High Stakes Highlight video ever! (with Daniel "ShowOfForce")

For this Highlight video, MMAsherdog is joined by former BluffTheSpot student and High Stakes Pro Daniel aka. “ShowOfForce”. Together, they rail the high stakes poker tables on Pokerstars.

Daniel was one of the most successful Students that got coached by BluffTHeSpot and joined when he wasn’t able to move up from NL100 on his own. Here’s what he says about our coaching program:

“I was one of the first students to join BTS. I was very unhappy with stagnating at 100NL for a couple of years and I saw MMAsherdog was part of a newly started coaching for profits. I really respected him as a player and took a leap of faith, joining the CFP.
Since then, it’s been a crazy ride. I put the work in, I moved to Malta, moved up stakes and now you can see me at the high stakes tables on Pokerstars. More than that, I made friends with all the coaches and a bunch of other cool guys in the BTS community, with who I just spent an awesome month grinding WSOP in Vegas.
If you are serious about your game, I would definitely recommend joining BTS.”

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