Poker Winning Hands

Kirk Fletcher – Poker Face (Improvised Blues Shuffle Solo)

Learn 3 incredible solos and 30 improvised licks:

Kirk Fletcher improvises a solo over the backing “Poker Face”. Get your blues on!

Be inspired by the lyrical style and vintage feel from one of blues’ most naturally-gifted improvisers. With three solos and 30 licks, plus essential theory notes, backings and full tab/notation, this is a chance to tell a story with your solos and learn the secrets of the shuffle.
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Kirk Fletcher is a true storyteller. When he picks up his guitar you are transported back to the days of BB King and Muddy Waters, but seen through his unique perspective of the genre.

Soloing over three highly jammable shuffle backings and with a 1961 Fender Strat in hand, Kirk shows us what true improvisation really is. With solos oozing with fluid playing, classic call and response phrasing, Kirk’s jams are a hat-tip towards a long and rich blues history.

To break down the magic, Kirk then offers up 10 shorter phrases over each of the three backings. That’s 30 incredible musical insights into how to use key blues techniques such as; double stops, quarter-tone bends, major and minor pentatonics, blues scales, 6th intervals, bluesy bending and chordal slides.

Also included in the pack are lick backings, solo backings, full jam tracks, tab/notation and explanation theory notes.

Find out how Kirk’s blend of classic and modern techniques can improve your own soloing with this insightful lesson in improvising the blues.

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