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PKO Bounty Tournament Strategy – The Limp

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Limping is a more viable strategy in PKO tournaments compared to regular MTTs for 2 main reasons.

Firstly, the presence of the bounties incentivizes players with covering stacks to contest more pots. Speculative hands are best for limping and the ideal situation is when short or multiple short-stacked players are on the table which increases the likelihood of knocking someone out. Limping invests a small amount for great potential gains and allows us to see more flops since 2-bets may still be offering us the right price to continue in the hand considering potential bounty opportunities.

Secondly, limping when there’s a short stack on the table often allows us to gain maximum leverage and isolate an all-in player. By considering our hands’ power number, the bounty factors in play and the amount of potential dead-money in the pot, we may be able to make some extremely profitable limp-raises. Often resulting in knocking other players out of the hand, leaving us all-in heads-up versus a shorter stacked opponent. Again, you’ll want to also include some stronger trap hands from time to time to avoid being predictable. This strategy could be especially profitable when used as an over-limp too if you suspect a player is capable of isolating very wide. It’s a great play that can allow you to scoop in a huge pot and bounties.



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