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GTO Expert Reviews Jonathan Little's Online $1,000 Tournament!

GTO Expert, Michael Acevedo and I have teamed up to create high-level content for you: Get Mastering GTO Short-Stack Strategy for 75% off!

In this webinar, Michael Acevedo and I go through my recent online $1K deep run. This was a small field tournament filled with many of the best players in the world such as Lena900, girafganger7, WushuTM, and more!

Michael ran the important hands in simulations with PioSolver that allowed us to go really in-depth and focus on in-depth tournament strategy. When you’re playing with the best players in the world, it’s important to play your best! Regardless of the games you play, if you want to be a strong player, you have to Master GTO Short Stack Strategy!

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