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How to Play Pocket Aces on SCARY Board! [SICK OVER-BET]

I find Pocket Aces on the river with two pot-sized bets remaining and have to figure out how much to bet. Do you usually go for a small, large, or gigantic all-in bet in this situation?

The key to playing pocket aces is to understand the ranges involved throughout the hand. Often times I see students make mistakes by overplaying AA when they’re 500bb deep and the opponent’s range is only better hands. In this hand, the BB’s range seemed to be mostly non-nut, but strong hands. Against this range, we want to try and push our equity and get lots of money in the pot!

Another thing to think about in spots like this is that the draws missed! When the clear draw misses, it means that on the river, I have a lot of bluffing candidates. When you have a lot of bluffing candidates, look to use a large bet size.

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