Poker Winning Hands

Ep. 19: Sticky – $5/$5 income game w/ Wes Cutshall – Poker Vlog

Sticky: a player who generally hangs on to one pair and has a hard time folding. This episode we see a lot of sticky gamers but one sticky player sticks out. And why do folks continue to keep hoping to bluff me???

I’m an amateur poker player who performs in some of the craziest Texas Hold’Em income online games in Houston, TX and I report these classes for my poker vlog. Massive bluffs, major pots, and major suckouts have produced these video clips well-known.

My intention is to make entertaining poker video clips. I am not hoping to train poker or propose anybody play the way I do. Though you may well select up a handful of things seeing my vlog primarily you’ll locate your self laughing at my misfortune and cheering me on when I acquire.

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