Texas Holdem

Dealer Oversight adopted by a players piss lousy etiquette

I was taking part in a 1-2 NL activity at the Bankers Card Place in Salinas, CA. Preflop the gentleman in seat 1 raises all in for $30-$35 dollars with only 2 other players in the hand. (The participant in seat 6 off camera watch to the appropriate and myself in the button) there was only $15 in the pot before the all in bet and the supplier accidentally picked up his hand and mucked it. Now… indeed the rule is his hand is dead, but he is also counting on the supplier to cope with his gap playing cards as he is handicapped and unable to transfer from the neck down. Possessing this not be a typical regimen for a supplier I can see how a blunder may happen. Right after seeing that play out and hearing he was compelled to still go all in with no hand to clearly show down with the appropriate point to do was to fold with no decline… allowing his lifted bet to be the selecting element. In its place seat 6 insists on contacting the bet to make a speedy $70 or so. This is why I named. I flopped a flush, he checks it to me and I bet plenty of to set him all in. He folds angrily and walks away. I made a decision to give him his all in bet again acquiring still profited from Seat 6s final decision to try and capitalize from an straightforward blunder. These are really serious amounts of dollars… it’s the basic principle. I really like poker for all it has to provide… generally the unwritten guidelines. There will occur a time I’m guaranteed that I’ll uncover myself in a crappy place like this and I guess I’m hoping most would respond the similar.



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