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Multi-way Battle of Marginal Hands in a 3-Guess Pot!

Weekly Poker Hand #290: In this $ten/$25/$fifty hard cash activity, it goes multiway on the flop and all 3 players conclusion up with a marginal manufactured hand. If you want to beat dwell hard cash video games, you want to have an understanding of how to fight free and splashy players!

The to start with lesson in this hand will come preflop. It truly is a fantastic example of why cold calling 3-bets with bad fingers can get you into difficulties! In particular when quick-stacked, this free and splashy style will not be rewarding.

Although I do not consider that boosting with JJ on the flop is a fantastic alternative, in this circumstance it labored out flawlessly in opposition to Shane with AJ. Would you have played it this way?

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