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JVF Poker Vlog #5 : 1/three Canadian Poker, My Most important Get However

Nowadays I acquired my largest poker income game winnings nevertheless playing 1/three No Restrict Texas Hold’em. Be a part of my journey by subscribing!
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(******* Note: At three:30 of the video, I reported the flop was Queen Ace Jack rainbow. My memory need to be off as I did not recall possessing the nuts. The jack need to have been a card I did not recall, sorry about that)

Spotlight of the session:

Hand: Aces

three wager to $ten and a person guy termed me on my ideal. Flop was King Ten King. He checks and I c-wager $20. He termed and the transform was a blank. I wager 50 % pot and he folded. I confirmed him the aces.

Hand: King 6 of Hearts

The modest blind elevated to $15. I termed and we see a flop of Ten King 8 with two spades. The villain c-bets and I termed. Turn was a very low heart supplying me a flush draw. We both equally finished up all in and river was the Ace of Hearts. I won with King Significant flush against Jacks.

Hand: King Ten suited

I was on the button and clean termed the massive blind. There was about 5 gamers in the pot and the flop was Queen Ace x rainbow. Just one guy elevated $15 and I make a decision to call, everybody folds. Turn was an 8 of clubs supplying me a flush draw and he checks, I look at again. River was six of clubs and he checks once more. I wager $30 with my flush hoping he would elevate but he just calls. He confirmed me Ace 6 hitting two pair.

Hand: Queen King

Just one guy min elevate and I call with two persons contacting at the rear of me. Flop was 4 queen six with two diamonds. The villain c-wager $20 and I make a decision to elevate. He went all in with about $80 left and I snap call. Turn and river was a blank. He confirmed me Queen Ten.

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