Poker Winning Hands

Ep. 17: Big Errors – $five/$five income sport w/ Wes Cutshall – Poker Vlog

I went to Austin to the Texas Card Home spot and performed on a livestream with RFID gap playing cards. I took a desk-comprehensive of my players/friends from Houston to blend it up on the felt live for everybody to watch. This vlog handles that livestream session.

I am an newbie poker participant who plays in some of the craziest Texas Hold’Em income video games in Houston, TX and I history these periods for my poker vlog. Significant bluffs, large pots, and large suckouts have built these video clips popular.

My intention is to make entertaining poker video clips. I am not attempting to teach poker or suggest any individual enjoy the way I do. Whilst you could decide on up a handful of issues observing my vlog typically you are going to discover you laughing at my misfortune and cheering me on when I win.

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