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Sam Trickett Receives PUNISHED In Large PLO Funds Game

Welcome back again! This hand arrives from Party Poker’s huge $1k/$2k Pot Limit Omaha recreation performed last 7 days, in which Sam Trickett, Rob Yong, Matt Kirk and Leon Tsoukernik battled over extensive sessions for massively significant stakes.

When this hand took spot, they have been taking part in with a $4000 straddle and a $8000 double straddle, so the hand begins off with $15k in the pot preflop just before any bets go in.

Rob Yong begins off by limping preflop with Aces from the Modest Blind, compelled to act very first by the double straddle. Matt folds a incredibly weak hand from the massive blind, and Leon puts in a elevate. Sam Trickett arrives alongside with incredibly weak Kings and Rob at this point decides to just connect with once again as a substitute of reraising and reducing the stack to pot ratio, which appears to be to be a miscalculation in that condition.

Let us see how the hand plays out postflop and the appealing condition the players will obtain themselves by the river.

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