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How Typically Will Both Gamers Strike Major PAIR In Poker? | SplitSuit

How often will two players the two flop best pair? What if just one has AJ and the other AQ? This movie responses that issue although also outlining the Actual questions you ought to be inquiring you in places like this…

SplitSuit pulls out Flop Falcon to exhibit how to established up and respond to the issue “how often will we the two flop TP?” This highly effective piece of computer software displays that AJ vs. AQ will end result in the two players hitting an Ace on the flop about 9% of the time (and AJ has ~seventeen% equity when that comes about).

Although this information and facts is exciting to have, the up coming-action is understanding how to flip that facts into an genuine line. This movie scratches the surface area of the much better questions to request, and wouldn’t you know it, Flop Falcon provides you facts on quite a few of those issues as effectively (like how often the two players overlook the flop) ♥

Decide up your duplicate of Flop Falcon and get started checking out issues like “how often will XYZ texture take place?” and “how often will my opponent flop a second-greatest hand from my established?” and “how a great deal equity will my hand have when the two of us overlook the flop?”. Learn additional right here:

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