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Survivorship Bias in Poker

Survivorship Bias in Poker is large. I never imagine I was always going to make it to the place I’m today enjoying poker tournaments on the net, specially if I have not had a few scores early in my career. This realization can only be built by a bigger comprehension of survivorship bias.

The two book suggestions:
A: Rolf Dobelli The artwork of considering plainly.
B: Kahneman Thinking quick and considering slow.

There are 3 difficulties in poker that I want to address in this online video:
one) Celebration of poor BRM or degeneracy as in Brynn Kenney’s large score in 2019, the place he put half his internet value into a poker match. By him telling us about it, other players will emulate that decision and often wreck on their own.

two) Survivorship bias will lead to some players coaching and earning poker classes, that would have if not not been equipped to. Be very careful in the selection of who you want to find out poker from and moreover to benefits, put value on a coaches considered process and the validity of it (even nevertheless it’s very tough for you to assess that).

3) Players will take shitty rake constructions simply because the players functioning the best are nevertheless “winning”.

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