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MicroMillions 5: Main Occasion Ultimate Table –

MicroMillions 5: Main Occasion. The fifth installment of our popular MicroMillions collection has come to a conclusion, as soon as all over again giving gamers a hundred various possibilities to make a large amount out of a tiny by using smaller purchase-in tourneys promising large rewards for the winners. The $22 purchase-in Main Occasion (Occasion #ninety eight) provided the most extraordinary case in point of this kind of which presented a $160k+ reward for 1st! That was 1 tremendous carrot dangling out there to motivate everyone, a prize truly worth a tiny a lot more than 7,305 instances the $22 gamers had parted with to play! The final blessed 9 were being Ramediem, MarieKen2112, Legato, Mau9999, stygher, toril274, S3XXYMUCK, Scrach encounter and lacostae. Commentary by David Tuckman.


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