Poker Winning Hands

Radica Handheld Poker Attract/Reward

This is a handheld digital poker sport that I’ve acknowledged individually for over 20 a long time. Grandma Carlson had this sport ahead of passing it to me. Ace is substantial, deuces are small. Nevertheless, you can continue to make a straight with Ace by 5 for occasion. I am so utilized to taking part in the bonus mode on this sport, but the winning hands on Attract Poker are as follows:
Royal Flush: 2000
Straight Flush: 250
4 of a Sort: 125
Comprehensive Dwelling: forty
Flush: twenty five
Straight: 20
A few of a Sort: 15
Two Pair: 10
Jack or Greater: 5

The winning hands in Reward Poker are equivalent except when it arrives to 4 of a Sort.
Aces: 400
two, 3, and four: 200
5 by King: 125

Maintain five hold buttons and a further for a minute and you will see a display of figures and icons. Yet another characteristic is when you push the five hold buttons, the sport flashes your hand after thirty seconds as a substitute of turning off. But if you don’t want to use it, hold the five hold buttons once again, and the characteristic will flip off.

The standard starting complete of points is 100. When they drop to zero, the points speedily replenish back to 100.

This sport is really tranquil, so I advise you flip up the quantity slightly.


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