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LLinusLLove: Major arms in MMAsherdog&#39s databases feat. Daniel Showofforce

I filtered my databases for LLinusLLove’s largest arms-on the Large Stakes Cash Video game tables at Pokerstars and reviewed them for you guys. In the arms, we will also see other big names on the Large Stakes Poker scene like OtB_RedBaron, Limitless, and Trueteller.
But I’m not on your own for this movie: I have invited my good friend Daniel aka. “Showofforce.” He applied to be a BluffTheSpot pupil and joined us when he was playing NL100 because he was battling to go up to better stakes.
With the aid from BluffTheSpot, he was in a position to go up to Nosebleeds in significantly less than a single 12 months. He truly designed a movie about his system and how he managed to do that. You can discover it below:

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