Texas Holdem

Poker Betting Approach and Tips, Bet Varieties, Pot Manipulation & Lines EPK 058

Poker Betting Lines and Ways: How to Bet in Texas Holdem

In this video—using the Holdem Manager two poker-monitoring application in blend with Winner In A 7 days pot-odds, equity and expected-price calculators—I demonstrate the method and techniques driving pre-flop and submit-flop betting with regard to participant profiling dependent on figures and your plans when in position.

This movie specifically addresses many so-called “way-in advance, way-driving” scenarios and the variance in between a “major hand” (i.e., two pair or superior in Texas Holdem) and only a “solid hand” (e.g., prime pair fantastic kicker). Generally bear in mind the adage, “Big pots with major arms. Small pots with smaller [or ‘only strong’] arms!”

Knowledge poker wager styles and wager sizing is necessary for superior pot-restrict and no-restrict poker. Get the poker tools to enhance your Texas Holdem activity listed here:


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